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Simply the best

Tried other brands and they do not compare. My favourite by far …🙌🏼

Smoothie stick

Love how the peach fuzz comes off so easily with the steel blades, a much superior product than the rest out there

Great product!

Smoothie sticks are so easy to use and do a great job. I keep buying them, haven't found a better product to do the job.

Great product

love it

the product is amazing and removes hair with a gentle and light touch so you don’t irritate your skin. well worth the money and exactly as advertised!!

Super Refill Review

Love, love my Smoothie Stick ✨

Great product.

First time user and it was a great buy does the job so well, am very happy I was told about this product wish i’d know about it year’s ago.

Can’t live without them now

Hands down best razor on the market for peach fuzz. Do not waste your money on razors from the shops…they do not work. Thank you for making this product!

Keep coming back

Smoothie Sticks are second to none. There have been times where I needed a razor so popped into a store. Every. Time. I’m reminded why love Smoothie Stick. No nicks, you can truly use them more than once before needing replacement + I don’t feel guilty adding plastic to landfill. Honestly the best, would love to see them in stores!

Great Product

Love these smoothie sticks makes your skin look lovely and smooth

Absolutely amazing

Love this item! I’ve been having trouble finding that cuts well, doesn’t break the bank and is simple to take care of. This smoothie stick ticked all the boxes. I’ve been waiting to get a refill and luckily I was able to snag one. They were also so kind to give me a heads up on my package and gave me a lil extra. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to continue purchasing from you guys!

So easy and useful!

I have been using the razors for a while on my face, arms, and legs and they are so effective, simple to use, and really make a difference, I could not recommend this any more!

Smoothie Stick first time user

Absolutely loved it! Easy, smooth and quick. I will definitely be buying more.


I have been a loyal customer of the smooth stick for a few year now and nothing compares, however they just came out with the cloth wipe thingies and they are the best things I have ever used. Wet or dry. All i needed was 1 for my whole face because they are super thick ans didn't rip ar all. They are amazing and can not recommend them highly enough.

Great value

The best dermaplani g tool I’ve ever used. Buying again as a PCOS hairy girly who appreciates a good deal

Great quality.


I have tried so many of the cheaper brands out there they always was difficult to use and ended up scratching my skin, but smoothie stick 10/10 so easy to use glides over the skin no irritation what so ever its even easy to use to toes

Best shaver I’ve used so far

I heard about Smoothie Stick during the pandemic and made my first purchase back then! I was super impressed at how smooth my skin was after using it. I then got hooked on shaving my face and since I’m not always very organised, I ended up buying some regular shaving stick from the chemist. I’ve tried a bunch of them (Revlon, Kitsch dermaplaner, other Amazon’s ones) and they ALL gave me a cut and was left with inflamed skin. I went back to Smoothie Stick and the difference was astounding! Would 200% recommend and I hope that it will soon be sold in drugstores or supermarkets or something 💕

My go to

Love the smoothie stick this is my 4th time purchasing refills I would get a rash with just cheap ones I never do with the smoothie stick. Amazing

Game changer

I have struggled with acne since a teen and have always used fresh hand towels to dry my face. It's hard to keep up with laundry so was looking for an alternative and came across these! Can't believe I have been without them for so long. They are so soft and love that they are biodegradable.

Awesome Product

Fantastic product, exceptional customer service and super fast delivery, thank you.


the smoothie stick is amazing, shaved my legs and peach fuzz in record time and couldn’t believe how easy it was!


I love the smoothie stick, safe to use with no issue with excess hair grow back, I've been using it for over a year.
Great addition to your skin care routine to do before serums.

Very good!

Easy to use and doesn’t scratch or drag against the skin. Perfect for sensitive or flaky skin!

Great product

I was using disposable blades which were one time use but never felt they did a good job. Never once have I felt that with Smoothie Stick. I love these (I’ve bought about 30 🫢)